OUT CLERGY LOS ANGELES is the home of the Los Angeles Queer Interfaith Clergy Council.  We are the leaders of many different faith traditions who are working and serving as openly LGBTQ clergy, in order to contribute to greater understanding and cooperation between faith groups and between differing sexual orientations and gender identitiesSee:  Mission.

About the California Supreme Court and Proposition 8

We, the Interfaith Gay and Lesbian Clergy of Los Angeles, are deeply grieved that the California Supreme Court’s decision published yesterday sustains Proposition 8, and many of our members were on the street Tuesday night, May 26, with an estimated crowd of 14,000 including many allies, to protest the Court’s decision.

We support the efforts of groups such as California Faith for Equality, Courage Campaign, Love Honor Cherish, and White Knot for Equality to repeal Proposition 8. We commend to all people of faith, and especially to clergy, to become involved in the efforts to overturn this proposition which diminishes our equal rights before the law.

At the same time, we are aware that with an estimated 18,000+ same-sex couples who entered a civil marriage last summer and fall, California still has the largest number of married lesbian and gay couples of any state, whose marriages are now deemed to be valid and recognized by the Supreme Court.

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